Clinton Paquin

You Found Me!

Chances are good if you are reading this that you want/need my help (who wouldn't, I'm a pretty awesome guy!)

Headhunters and recruiters tend to get a bad wrap, but I like you guys. However, I don't like you constantly calling, emailing, or contacting me via a shared,, or twitter connection.

I recently stumbled onto an excellent post on Sam Livingston's Developer FAQ. I love what he has to say, so with a tip of my cap, I'm doing what all good devs do. Soaking up knowledge I like and modifying for my own use.

If you have read through this page, chances are 100% better that you'll get a response from me. In fact, if you use this link to contact me I 100% guarantee that I'll respond.

If you have fully read and understand this page, return to view my resume.

Are you willing to relocate?

Yes! If you are located in Wilmington, NC or Charlotte, NC then I would love to hear from you.

Are you available for hire as an Full Time Employee?

I'm always happy to hear about new opportunities, but I'm very selective. Over the years, I've developed a fairly good idea of the kind of environment where I thrive: small companies, highly capable teammates, and a company doing work I value.

As of this writing, I have a relatively low-stress job with in a small company writing mostly PHP/MySQL/MVC work, a decent work computer, a short commute, and most importantly, smart teammates I enjoy spending time with.

If you want to get my attention, tell me how your team keeps quality high by practicing TDD/MVC/Web Standards, how they publish some of their work back to the open-source community, and about the time you regularly set aside for "sharpening the saw." (Bonus points for links to slides or videos of their conference talks.)

Are you available for contract work?

No, but I might know someone who is. If it's small enough to do on a moonlighting basis, email me - a friend of mine sometimes has extra bandwidth, but I certainly don't. (I don't even have time for all the fun "hack something out in an evening" ideas I get regularly!)

Do you know anyone else who might be available?

Maybe, but probably not (unless it's a small moonlighting contract, as mentioned above).

Since becoming a parent, I haven't been as active in the tech community as I used to be. For the people I do keep in touch with, if I like their work, I've probably tried to get them hired at my current job. (In two cases, I've been successful.) My impression is that there are quite a few more PHP jobs than there are geeks to fill them.

My suggestion is to attend the next meeting of the LA PHP Meetup, announce that you've got work, and plan on going for a beer (or six) afterward. (Yes, there's also a mailing list, but I've had a very low response rate most of the times I've posted jobs to it, and others I've talked to have had similar experiences. See above about "more jobs than geeks.").