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Want to get where you're going? Don't wait, start now! Clinton is rooted in PHP, MySQL, jQuery and web development standards. He is a rare bread of web development professional that focuses on back end and front end development; specializing in dynamic content such as internal pipeline (intranet) tools and user driven content. He has experience with performance optimization, scalablity, accessibly semantic code and utilizes PHP/MySQL server side technology complimented by non-obtrusive DOM manipulation with jQuery to make the magic happen.



If it’s been awhile since you last updated Homebrew-Cask, you may still have the old phinze/cask tap installed. Run the following to clean up, then try your command again:

$ brew untap phinze/cask; brew untap caskroom/cask; brew update

Engineer-to-Engineer Recruiting


Engineers are tired of being spammed by recruiters and rarely respond to their emails. An email from the person you’d be working with is much more compelling.

Rubberband - A jQuery plugin for adding responsive breakpoint events.


Ben Plum is sayin what I been thinkin, this is pretty sweet.  Credit to Brett Terpsta’s daily web excursion for the tipoff

Sometimes you need to know when a responsive page changes. Rubberband allows scripts to act on media query changes in real time by making use of the browser’s internal media query matching system, window.matchMedia.

I am Clinton


As if you didn’t already know that the Simpson’s were awesome.  I had forgotten about this clip, but you should know by now that “I am Clinton”