Clinton Paquin


I'm currently employed at Wide Open Technologies working on cutting edge PHP/MySQL server side technology complimented by web standards and non-obtrusive DOM manipulation using jQuery. Actively involved in the tech community, I'm engrossed with keeping up on what's new in the tech world including frameworks, HTML5, and all things Apple. Above all, I love engineering sites that not only look great, but exceed industry standards in smart semantic markup, page load speed, and mobile first consideration.

I've been working within the interactive realm since 2004 building enterprise level sites focussing on security, scalability, and maintainability. I've lead teams at Apollo Interactive, ConsumerTrack, and Pepperdine University architecting, developing and implementing scalable database and website solutions.


There's always something to learn, here's what I'm currently interested in.

  • dotfiles
  • SASS and LESS
  • Python
  • Fabric


These people are industry leader kung masters. Follow them and you too will be enlightened.

  • Jason Fried
  • Joel Spolsky
  • Kelly Sutton
  • Seth Godin
  • Ethan Marcotte
  • Luke Wroblewski
  • Paul Irish
  • Jeffrey Zeldman
  • Jeremy Keith

Built On

This site is built with the following tools and considerations.

  • Mobile First
  • Web Standards
  • HTM5 Boilerplate
  • MVC Methodology using CodeIgniter
  • The Zurb Foundation Responsive Grid
  • VIM
  • Capistrano via Beanstalk
  • Git, Mercurial, and/or Subversion via Beanstalk