Clinton Paquin

Twitter is a place for day to day banter on tech topics (amongst other things).
Google+ is where you'll find my digital footprints such as tech articles, podcasts, and books I've been reading.
LinkedIn is a place for professional acquantances only.
Online project hosting using Git. It's where you'll find my personal programming nuggets.
Forrst is a community where developers and designers improve their craft. Share your work, get feedback, and grow.
Meetups are the best way to get involved with the tech community, learn new topics and stay involved.


Programming and technology nuggets.



Have a question regarding a job opportunity, world hunger, or just a general question? Give me a shout, and let's talk!

Hire Me

Looking for an experienced developer, I'm your guy.

If you want to get my attention, tell me how your team keeps quality high by practicing TDD/MVC/Web Standards, how they publish some of their work back to the open-source community, and about the time you regularly set aside for "sharpening the saw." (Bonus points for links to slides or videos of their conference talks.)

If you're still reading, you're ready to check out my resume.